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Xbox One Added on 16 September 2018

Livelock is a co-operative top-down shooter where you play solo or with up to two allies to break the cycle of infinite war between machines. As one of the remaining Capital Intellects, your role is to unlock Eden and revive humanity. Take control of one of three mechanical chassis - Hex, Vangu...

SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World

Xbox 360 Added on 16 September 2018

Bring peace back to Monster World in these three classic action RPG titles: Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Wonder Boy in Monster World, and for the first time outside of Japan, Monster World IV!

LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

Xbox 360 Added on 1 September 2018

The Saga continues. Build, battle and laugh your way across the Star Wars universe like never before! Play as Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi through a story spanning the entire Clone Wars era. LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars combines epic space battles, challenging puzzles and of course, ...

Prison Architect: Xbox One Edition

Xbox One Added on 1 September 2018

Take control of the building and running of a maximum security prison as the critically acclaimed lock-em-up arrives on Xbox One! Your Design, Their Fate Will you build and manage a prison to create social order where it’s failed in the past, offering rehabilitation and peaceful coexistence am...

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Xbox 360 Added on 16 August 2018

Unleash the power of the brush in an all new co-op adventure. Join Mickey and Oswald in an epic battle to save the magical world of Wasteland and change it forever. Interact with your favorite characters like never before in the most heroic adventure yet.

For Honor

Xbox One Added on 16 August 2018

Carve a path of destruction through the battlefield in For Honor, a brand-new game developed by Ubisoft Montreal studio. Enter the chaos of a raging war as a bold knight, brutal viking, or mysterious samurai, three of the greatest warrior legacies. For Honor is a fast-paced, competitive experi...

Dead Space 3

Xbox 360 Added on 1 August 2018

Isaac Clarke returns, joined by merciless soldier John Carver, to chase a risky plan that promises to finally stop the Necromorphs. Together Clarke and Carver must explore the frozen planet of Tau Volantis and track down the secret they hope will end the Necromorph plague forever, all while overc...

Forza Horizon 2

Xbox One Added on 1 August 2018

Race through a massive wide-open world featuring dramatic weather and day-to-night cycle in Forza Horizon 2. Instantly connect with friends in the ultimate celebration of speed, style, and action-packed driving. Explore beautiful and exotic locations in more than 200 of the world’s greatest cars,...

Death Squared

Xbox One Added on 16 July 2018

Death Squared is a co-op puzzle game about cooperation, communication, and robot explosions.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

Xbox 360 Added on 16 July 2018

The adventures of Sam Fisher continue in the fifth entry of the stealth-based series. An investigation into his daughter's death unwittingly leads former agent Sam Fisher to discover he’s been betrayed by his prior agency, the Third Echelon. Now a renegade, Fisher finds himself in a race against ...

Assault Android Cactus

Xbox One Added on 1 July 2018

"Assault Android Cactus is a manic twin stick arena shooter for the PC with screens full of enemies, buckets of bullets and high scoring combo chains! Take on the role of Cactus, an enthusiastic police android, who responds to a stranded space freighter only to discover it under siege by its malf...

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

Xbox 360 Added on 1 July 2018

DOWNLOAD ONLY TITLE The fifth entry in SEGA's advanced, realistic fighting game series. Once again, the realtime level of visual detail and character animation has been upped to the most advanced levels, with next-generation lighting and detail on the fighters and environments. Players will be a...

Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues

Xbox 360 Added on 16 June 2018

Players return to a virtual playroom re-creation of the iconic movie series in LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues. As in LEGO Indy's Original Adventures, gamers play through famous scenes from the films, with 3D characters and settings created completely from colorful LEGO building blo...


Xbox One Added on 16 June 2018

SMITE is the online battleground of the gods. Players choose from a diverse cast of deities and use their unique powers to triumph over the opposition in 5v5 team matches. SMITE is a new take on the MOBA genre; rather than observing from above the action, the game’s third person perspective puts ...

Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia

Xbox One Added on 1 June 2018

Chronicles: Russia will feature the Russian assassin Nikolai Orelov in 1918, during the aftermath of the October Revolution. Orelov wants to leave with his family, but is required to perform one last mission for the Assassin Order: infiltrate the house where the Tsar's family is being held by the...

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Xbox 360 Added on 1 June 2018

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is a kart racing video game developed by Sumo Digital and published by Sega. It was released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U in November 2012, for PlayStation Vita in December 2012,[9] for Microsoft Windows in January 2013,[7] for Nintendo 3DS in Fe...

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Xbox One Added on 16 May 2018

The 5th installment of the Metal Gear Solid saga, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain continues the story of Big Boss (aka Naked Snake, aka David), connecting the story lines from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, and the rest of the Metal Gear Universe. Snake w...


Xbox 360 Added on 16 May 2018

Vanquish takes place in the near future where planet Earth's human population has grown so rapidly that nations of people around the globe are fighting for the scarce available resources. The United States of America has attempted to alleviate its own energy problems by launching an O'Neill Cylin...

SEGA Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage

Xbox 360 Added on 1 May 2018

The once peaceful city has been taken over by a criminal syndicate, including the police. There is mass violence. Adam Hunter (an accomplished boxer), Axel Stone (skilled martial artist) and Blaze Fielding (judo expert) are ex-police officers who fight back the syndicate.

Super Mega Baseball 2

Xbox One Added on 1 May 2018

The critically acclaimed, streamlined baseball simulator is headed for second. Lace up your cleats and step onto the field for the most gratifying hardball action. Build your dream team and dominate online or on your couch.

Assassin's Creed: Syndicate

Xbox One Added on 16 April 2018

London, 1868. The Industrial Revolution unleashes an incredible age of invention, transforming the lives of millions with technologies once thought impossible. Opportunities created during this period have people rushing to London to engage in this new world, a world no longer controlled by kings...

Cars 2

Xbox 360 Added on 1 April 2018

Cars 2 is a third person racing game where players have a choice of 25 different characters, and will train to become a world-class spy. As part of training, players participate in missions using high-tech gadgets, for example, to avoid enemies or slow them down. The game has three types of troph...

The Witness

Xbox One Added on 1 April 2018

The Witness is an exploration-puzzle game. The game is being developed by a small, independent team, a mix of full-timers and contractors.

Quantum Conundrum

Xbox 360 Added on 16 March 2018

In Quantum Conundrum, players take on the role of a young kid dropped off on his uncle's doorstep for the weekend; his uncle just so happens to be the brilliant, eccentric inventor, Professor Fitz Quadwrangle. Upon entering the Professor's vast manor home retrofitted with crazy technology to test...