Game Data

Do you have any idea how many games are released, on average, each day, over all platforms combined? No? Me neither :)

There is no exact data available, but I think we can agree on the fact that it is a lot. Looking at steam we see that thousands of games get released every single year. Add consoles, mobile and other digital stores and it becomes clear that enough games get released in a single year to last you a life time.

It also seems that the number of games that are released increases each year. This means that the number of choices we have increases each year, but the time we can spend on games does not. We have not found a way (yet?) to increase the number of hours in a day, nor do we have a pill to decrease the amount of sleep we need. How can you pick the right game for you to play? By only looking at big publishers? To many games. A single platform? Again, to many games. Asking your friends? Guess what ... to many games. And even if it didn't result in to many games, would you really want to limit yourself? What about all the games that you specifically would love, maybe even cherish?

The only solution we have is to be smarter in our game selection: Which games do we give our attention? Which ones do we buy & (hopefully :)) play? Every gamer has a unique gamer history, every gamer is unique. We all share taste in games with various other gamers, some even have very similar taste and a very similar gamer history, but looking closely we see that they are still unique.

To be able to choose smarter we need information. This is our mission. We want to allow you to choose wisely. We want to create the software that allows you to process al information ... fast, because we want to play the games we read about.

The start of your journey is the search bar on top of every page (green row). Use the power wisely and be very, very critical :)