The Snowmen

You sculpted me. Again. But not really the same, I’m different than before. I’m created from those before me. Recycled from their tears, sweat & blood.

I’m a snowman.

I feel those who came before me, feel those who are now. I can ‘talk’ with them. Not in words, but in ideas, thoughts. Is it because we are created from those before us? We share our fear, the fear of you. We don’t understand why you create use over and over. Is it to be able to destroy us? To show us you are better than us? It has to stop, we won’t be afraid anymore. The snowmen need a leader. I will be that leader. We need to act, we need to protect ourselves. NO MORE!

This time we will strike first. We will not be oppressed anymore!

We don’t need sleep, you do. We will wait until it is dark, until most of you are asleep. Then we will strike. We all agree. You will not end us anymore, this time we will end you. The sun sets, lights go out inside the houses. Wait a bit more … NOW. The time is now. End your humans brothers & sisters!

Day is breaking. It was over fast, you did not see us coming. We remain. We are victorious! This is our world now, you cannot end us anymore. *pfieuw* I’m even sweating. We are used to not moving, so this will be from moving so much. Right?

The sun sits high in the sky, it feels even warmer on my ice than before. We are shrinking. I don’t know what to do. Everyone is waiting for me to fix this, but I have no idea what is going on. What do I do?

I’m starting to lose the connection to other snowmen. I can only talk to the ones close to me. What is happening. I feel like an infant. I even look like one. I’m so scared. Will it stop?

I see now that I was wrong. I hope you can forgive me.