Stick your hands firmly in your pockets for Persona Q2's Shinjiro Aragaki

Chris MoyseDestructoid

Atlus are not messing around when it comes to putting out these mini-trailers for the cast of upcoming RPG Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth. Makes sense, really, as they have a helluva lot of guys 'n' gals to get through.Today sees the spot...

Behind Every Great One addresses household sexism

Jay CastelloRock Paper Shotgun

Deconstructeam tackles the gendered labour of married couples in this short game about a housewife and an artist.

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: Why Do I Replay Games?

Narelle Ho SangKotaku

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: Why Do I Replay Games? • Always Revisiting Heroes of Might and Magic 3 • The Instant Joy of Old Gaming • I’ve Supported Two Games On Kickstarter And Been Extremely Satisfied • I Can’t Stop Listening To Octopath Traveler’s Music

'Imperishable Memories' Is A Shmup Of Exploring Your Creative Past

Joel CoutureIndie Games

Imperishable Memories takes you to Atherus, a world created out of the memories and creative expressions of Roy, the protagonist. While a waltz through your past artwork and characters may make some wistful (or cringe uncontrollably), Roy's past carries some dark, toxic elements, all personified in ...

Dad's Gameplay Notes Are Wonderfully Obsessive

Brian AshcraftKotaku

When you play through a game, you probably make notes to yourself—mental notes. It’s unlikely you keep notebooks like these. Maybe you do!

Know the foes of Marvel’s Spider-Man – Meet the Shocker

Darryn BonthuysCritical Hit

Between gods and monsters, there has been one foe who has always popped up like a bad penny to torment the sensational weslinger. A man who turned a talent for engineering into a career of crime and has spent more time behind bars than in the civilised world. Always ready to pounce and always defeat...

Spider-Man has a day one patch, main story takes about 20 hours to finish

Sherif SaedVG247

A few details about Spider-Man are starting to come out, now that we're closer than ever to the worldwide launch.

Dead or Alive 6 Producer On Whether The New Engine Will Have Proper Jiggle Physics


We heard a bit about Dead or Alive 6’s new engine that Team Ninja is working on, and while it looks great so far, 4Gamer is asking the important questions in a recent interview—will it have proper jiggle physics?

King K.Rool fans offer heartfelt thanks for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate inclusion

Chris MoyseDestructoid

In a touching show of gratitude, fans of Donkey Kong Country's troublesome antagonist, King K.Rool, have offered up their heartfelt thanks to Masahiro Sakurai for giving the crafty crocodile a roster slot in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. U...

For a 5-Year-Old, This Kid Seems Good At Dark Souls 3

Brian AshcraftKotaku

High Lord Wolnir can be one of Dark Soul 3's more frustrating enemies. No wonder this 5-year-old seems excited to beat him.

Brawlout Review – Super Smash Hit?

Reggie ReviewsReggie Reviews

Developed by Angry Mob Games and Published physically by Head Up Games, Brawlout has the stones to try and take over the party beat-em-up throne of Super Smash Bros. Given that we all are more than…

Skyrim Mod Lets You Follow And Marry…Yourself?

John Santinagrowngaming

I used to think that Skyrim mods covered the full spectrum but I was wrong. Now you can follow your doppelganger around and, well, marry them. If you want.

Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition Currently Sold Out

Ravi SinhaGamingBolt

"There's no way to make any more," says Bethesda's Pete Hines.

Yakuza Online Gets A New Trailer, Maintains Its 2018 Launch With Pre-Registrations Now Live


Sega shared the latest on the upcoming PC and smartphone game Yakuza Online during a recent live stream, where we got a look at its latest trailer and details.

Cyberpunk 2077 launches mysterious Twitch stream

Joe DonnellyPC Gamer

We've updated our Cyberpunk 2077: everything we know about CD Projekt's next RPG rundown loads since that trailer aired at E3 in June. After a similar behind-closed-doors, hands-off showing at Gamescom last week, we've since learned the dev has "just not been ready" to share footage publicly. And no...

Want the Fallout 76 Power Armor edition but haven’t pre-ordered? Tough, because “There’s no way to make any more”

Geoffrey TimCritical Hit

Just like Bethesda did with the Fallout 4 Pip boy CE, the Power Armour edition will be made in very limited quantities. It’s pretty much sold out everywhere already, which means that if you haven’t already pre-ordered, it’s unlikely that you’ll get one. Unless you scour ebay and buy one for a premiu...

Resident Evil Remake’s Remake Not Out Of Question, Says Capcom

Paolo SirioGamepur

Resident Evil 2’s remake was quite surprising back at E3 2018, and it got even better than anticipated once it got playable. Interestingly, Capcom is open to the opportunity of remaking other titles in the franchise and even those which have already been

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Awarded The Best Of Gamescom 2018 Prize

Paolo SirioGamepur

Gamescom 2018 has just wrapped up and we have the best title of the event named – it’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The latest game from the makers of Dark Souls has been amazing throughout the showcase.

Cyberpunk 2077 dev CD Projekt RED is hosting a cryptic livestream

Sherif SaedVG247

CD Projekt RED, developer of Cyberpunk 2077, started a broadcast on its Twitch channel a few minutes ago.

Xbox Game Pass Not Replacing Retail Video Games Sales

Paolo SirioGamepur

Xbox Game Pass is not going to replace video games retail sales, although platform holder is heavily pushing on the service. That’s according to Ben Decker, head of gaming services at Microsoft.

Soulcalibur 6 Could Be “The Last One” If Sales Are Poor

Ravi SinhaGamingBolt

However, producer Motohiro Okubo doesn't want to "blackmail users".

5 ways Cyberpunk 2077's gameplay demo somehow lives up to all that hype

Samuel RobertsPC Gamer

Tom and Samuel both checked out the Cyberpunk 2077 demo at Gamescom 2018 last week, and despite a few minor quest choice differences, it was the same gameplay shown at E3 a couple of months ago. Rather than running through the demo beat-by-beat again, we'll instead pick out several things we thought...

Mass Shooting At Madden NFL Tournament, Three Dead

Paolo SirioGamepur

A mass shooting took place in Jacksonville, Florida during a Madden NFL 19 esports tournament. There were three casualties, including the shooter, and other eleven individuals reported wounds more or less severe.

Mysterious Cyberpunk 2077 Livestream Kicks Off, Is Gameplay On Its Way?

Paolo SirioGamepur

CD Projekt RED has just launched a streaming on its official Twitch channel, teasing something to be revealed soon. While we don’t have any detail on what’s happening, there’s a chance it’s Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay.

Cyberpunk 2077 is now playable from start to finish, says game producer

Joe DonnellyPC Gamer

Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the eight best games of Gamescom 2018, reckoned Samuel and Tom. From Cologne, we learned developer CD Projekt Red has "just not been ready" to show off the shooter RPG's elusive demo footage—but it seems an incomplete version is now playable from start to finish. As reporte...

The Cutest Gundam Cosplay 

Brian AshcraftKotaku

As far as official Gundam cosplay goes, this is the cutest. Here’s an adorable Char’s Zaku making the rounds at a recent hobby show in Tokyo.

Wot I Think: Yoku’s Island Express

Graham SmithRock Paper Shotgun

Yoku's Island Express is a pinball-platforming palate cleanser infused with the silly joy of classic platformers by Rare. Read our review here.

2K Games makes changes to NBA 2K’s MyTeam mode to comply with Belgium and Dutch gambling laws

Sherif SaedVG247

2K games is limiting access to certain MyTeam features in Belgium, and the Netherlands in NBA 2K, in order to comply with local laws.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets A New Trailer Highlighting Features On Nintendo Switch


Dragon Ball FighterZ is releasing for the Nintendo Switch next month and Bandai Namco put together a trailer to show off new features for the upcoming version and a look at some gameplay action.

Bandai Namco Isn’t Ruling Out SoulCalibur VI On Nintendo Switch After Launch


SoulCalibur VI producer Motohiro Okubo shut down some rumors about a possible Nintendo Switch version of the fighter, but he didn’t rule out its possibility after its launch this October.

Anthem’s scaling enemies and power curves sounds like a fun grind

Darryn BonthuysCritical Hit

In Anthem, you’re going to have a chance to flex your muscles after you’ve put in some serious time at the video game gym. Bioware has a few ideas to keep the opposition at a challenging level, while providing players with that sense of explosive power that comes from a hard day’s grind.

Disgaea 1 Complete Showcases Flashy Moves In Its Persuade By Force Trailer


NIS America shared the latest trailer for Disgaea 1 Complete to demonstrate how Laharl, Etna, and the others can “Persuade by Force” with a bunch of flashy moves for the jury.

Skyrim doppelganger mod lets you follow and marry yourself

Joe DonnellyPC Gamer

Farkas, useless. J'zargo, irritating. Argis the Bulwark, weird. If you want something done, you're best doing it yourself. Or is that with yourself? PsykotikKrymes' The Doppelganger Follower lets you add yourself as a companion in Skyrim Special Edition. Found in Riverwood's Sleeping Giant Inn, your...

Fatal shooting at Madden NFL tournament leaves three dead, including shooter

Sherif SaedVG247

On Sunday, a mass shooting at a Madden NFL 19 tournament in Jacksonville, Florida left three dead, and 11 others injured.

Persona Q2 Character Introduction Trailer Features Persona 3’s Shinjiro Aragaki


Atlus shared the latest character introduction trailer for its upcoming dungeon crawler Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, featuring Persona 3’s Shinjiro Aragaki.

Sega Ages’ Sonic the Hedgehog And Thunder Force IV Delayed From August To September 2018


Last month Sega announced that Sega Ages’ next two classic titles Sonic the Hedgehog and Thunder Force IV would join the collection in August but the company has updated with a delay to September for the two.

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Shinjiro Aragaki trailer

Sal RomanoGematsu

The fourth character trailer for Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth introduces Persona 3‘s Shinjiro Aragaki (voiced by Kazuya Nakai). Previous character trailers introduced Naoto Shirogane, Morgana, amd Junpei Iori. Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth is due out for 3DS on November 29 in Japan. If you mi...

Lovecraftian preview Top Trumps: The Sinking City vs. Call of Cthulhu

Alice BellRock Paper Shotgun

Lovecraft seems to be the theme du jour at the moment. 2018 trends: pair tailored suits and details inspired by fetish wear with cosmic horror and old school

Cute Character-Stacking Action RPG Lapis Li Abyss Is Also Releasing For Nintendo Switch


Following the announcement of Nippon Ichi Software’s upcoming action RPG with a cutesy artstyle, Lapis Li Abyss, we got more info revealing that the game is also headed to Nintendo Switch.

Surprise! Fortnite’s Android installer had a massive security flaw at launch

Geoffrey TimCritical Hit

Epic Games decided to skip Google’s Play Store for the release of Fortnite on Android. They did this primarily to avoid giving google a 30% cut of profits just for using their store. Many people wondered if this would be a security risk, given that the installer doesn’t go through the Google’s secur...

Fire Emblem Heroes’ Next Legendary Banner Features Marth: Hero-King Starting August 28


Fire Emblem Heroes revealed its next Legendary Banner and it features a classic favorite in Marth “Hero-King” who debuted in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light.

Shenmue and the blissful boredom of being young

Oli Welsh Editor Oli is the editor of and likes to take things one word at a time. His friends call him The European, but that's just a coincidence. He's still playing Diablo 3. More articles by Oli WelshEuroGamer

With its hypnotic repetition and empty stretches of time, Shenmue describes a convincing emotional landscape for a lost teenager.

Root Letter: Last Answer casts Cerisier’s Ako Yamamoto as Aya Fumino

Sal RomanoGematsu

Ako Yamamoto from the idol group Cerisier will play the live-action Aya Fumino in the recently announced Root Letter: Last Answer, Kadokawa Games announced. Yamamoto will also appear at the Tokyo Comic-Con sister event Shimane Gaming Day Convention in Shimane Prefecture’s Matsue city from October 6 ...

Major events in the Elder Scrolls timeline

Jody MacgregorPC Gamer

The timeline of the Elder Scrolls universe is divided into four ages—except there are also two ages before those, and one of them is entirely non-linear and yet somehow manages to contain a sequence of events in which supernatural beings come to existence from nothing. And then, at later points in t...

Soulcalibur VI adds new face Azwel to its roster

Darryn BonthuysCritical Hit

There are a few dead giveaways however that you might be tangling with a ne’er-do-well. Boisterous quotes about suffering and pain, skin that crackles with the darkest of arcane energies and glowing eyes usually signal that the fella in front of you might be a bit troublesome. All factors which Soul...

OG claims victory in The International 8 during thrilling Grand Final series

Alessandro BarbosaCritical Hit

In what must be the most incredible story in The International's history yet, OG overcame masive hurdles to lift the Aegis at the eighth installment of the historic tournament.

‘Yakuza Online’ Launches This Year in Japan With Pre-registrations Now Live on the Official Website

Mikhail MadnaniTouchArcade

SEGA's Yakuza franchise has had quite the rocky history in the West. The mainline games didn't do too well on PS2 and then PS3 and it only seemed like things started looking positive thanks to Yakuza 0 on PS4 that launched early last year on PS4.

Sega Ages: Sonic the Hedgehog and Thunder Force IV delayed to September

Sal RomanoGematsu

Sega Ages: Sonic the Hedgehog and Sega Ages: Thunder Force IV, which were previously planned for release on Switch via the Nintendo eShop in August, have been delayed to September in order to further enhance their quality, Sega announced. Read up on each title here.