30 Years Of Driving Around The Same Video Game Race Track

Luke PlunkettKotaku

Silverstone has been home to the British Grand Prix for most of the race’s history, meaning there are over 30 year’s worth of games that let you drive around it. So Chris Rae had the brilliant idea of doing just that, driving one lap around the circuit in eight different games, the first released in...

Capcom’s Jun Takeuchi and Namco Bandai’s Katsuhiro Harada Share Thoughts And Hopes For PS5

Landon WrightGamingBolt

Two big names in the Japanese industry bat around ideas.

Overwatch is adding full match replays

Jordan DevoreDestructoid

Blizzard has gotten another long-requested feature up and running in Overwatch: full replays! With the replay system, you can revisit your past 10 matches from a first-person, third-person, or bird's-eye view with or without the user interf...

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Adventure Mode Gameplay Shows Off Cutscenes and Hub Worlds

Push SquarePushSquare

Survival of the fastest

‘Knight Brawl’ is the New Wacky Physics-Based Fighter from Colin Lane and Brad Erkkila

Jared NelsonTouchArcade

Our old pal Colin Lane is gearing up to release a new mobile game, and this time he's partnering up with our other old pal Brad Erkkila once again. The new game is called Knight Brawl, and like many of Lane's other games, it's a wacky physics-based fighting game.

New Improvements and Map Sites Coming to Battlefield 5 Firestorm

Matt MorgansVGR

The latest Battlefield 5 Firestorm update is now available, and it brings some significant changes to the game mode’s Halvøy map, among other new features and tweaks. These include three entirely new landmarks and a very powerful new Gold Tier weapon; the so-called “Elephant Gun”. Of course, this be...

Call Of Duty Mobile's Battle Royale Mode Revealed

Eddie MakuchGameSpot

Activision reveals what to expect from Call of Duty Mobile's ambitious-looking battle royale mode.

New screenshot of Game Freak RPG Town

Sal RomanoGematsu

A Famitsu feature on Game Freak in celebration of the company’s 30th anniversary includes a single new screenshot of Town, the September-announced RPG for Switch. Town is due out for Switch via the Nintendo eShop in 2019.

Slay the Spire for Switch launches June 6

Sal RomanoGematsu

The Switch version of Slay the Spire will launch via the Nintendo eShop on June 6, developer MegaCrit announced. The card game and roguelike fusion first launched for PC in January 2019, and saw its first console release on May 21 with the launch of the PlayStation 4 version. Here is an overview of ...

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Adventure Mode gameplay

Sal RomanoGematsu

The latest episode of PlayStation Underground by the PlayStation Blog is a 20-minute feature on the Adventure Mode in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, which was detailed in-depth earlier today. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch on June 21. Watch the foo...

Jalopy, the Eastern European road trip game, is free on the Humble Store

Andy ChalkPC Gamer

Jalopy, the "haunting piece of Eastern Bloc nostalgia" about a road trip from Berlin to Turkey in breakdown-prone Laika 601 Deluxe, is free for the taking for the next couple of days on the Humble Store. The latest Humble giveaway marks the beginning of the store's Spring Sale Encore, which features...

Cyberpunk 2077 Will Have Public Gameplay Demonstrations at E3

Matt MorgansVGR

CD Projekt Red have confirmed that the Cyberpunk 2077 E3 appearance will include gameplay demonstrations, both for the public and behind closed doors.

Contest: Take a peek behind point and click title Irony Curtain

Wes TacosDestructoid

Today's contest is for a Steam copy of satirical point and click adventure title Irony Curtain! Satire is tough to do, man. You have to be subtle enough without being too in your face, but obvious enough for the average cretin, like me, to ...

E3 2019: Halo Infinite -- What We Know And What We Want

Eddie MakuchGameSpot

Microsoft's crown jewel franchise returns at E3 this year, and we're hoping to see gameplay and more.

Samsung’s First 8K Consumer TV Is Impressive—But Not Because of Its Resolution

Whitson GordonKotaku

I bought my first 4K TV last year, and many of my family and friends still haven’t made the jump. But despite 4K’s infancy, Samsung has already released the first consumer-ready 8K display, known as the Q900. Samsung lent us a 75” model to review, and it’s an incredibly impressive, innovative TV...b...

Here are Steam's best-selling new releases for April

Andy ChalkPC Gamer

Are you curious about which games were the best-selling new releases on Steam for the month of April? So was Valve, so it decided to find out. "We are continually fascinated by the number of amazing games coming out on Steam each month and how much variety there is in what becomes popular," Valve wr...

I wrote about Irkalla back in 2014, got excited about it, then it disappeared.

Luke PlunkettKotaku

I wrote about Irkalla back in 2014, got excited about it, then it disappeared. Now it’s back! It’s coming to PC, Mac and Linux “soon”.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Goes Ape on PS4 a Little Late

Push SquarePushSquare

Monkeying around

Surrender your free time to Slay the Spire on Switch this June

Jordan DevoreDestructoid

Deck-building RPG fans flocked to Slay the Spire on Steam, and now the single-player roguelike game is making the rounds elsewhere. This week marked the PlayStation 4 port. Next up, Nintendo Switch. Mega Crit is bringing its mega-hit to ...

Windows 10 May 2019 update: the best new features

Jarred WaltonPC Gamer

The Windows 10 May 2019 update is here—and you can start using it today, if you're so inclined. Before you take the plunge, it would be nice to know what's actually changing with the latest update and why you might want to go to the trouble of updating. I've installed the update on at least one PC (...

Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation (JP) Gets Cute New Outfits With New Event

Giuseppe NelvaTwinfinite

Today Koei Tecmo and DMM released a new update to their free-to-play game Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation, including the inevitable gacha.

‘DC Universe Online’ Comes To Nintendo Switch, Fight Alongside Batman For Free!

Jon HueberElectric Bento

DC Universe Online is coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer, and this epic MMORPG will be free to play. Players can team-up with their heroes on the go.

‘#Blud’ Offers Vampire Battles With a Lovely Cartoon Style

Joel CoutureIndie Games

A teenage field hockey player will be hand-chopping monsters and demons throughout her sleepy (but vibrantly animated) town in hack and slasher #Blud. Becky Brewster is a busy teenager with a hectic...

Modern Warfare 2 Receives New Update on Xbox One (May 23rd)

Daniel C.GamingIntel

A recent Modern Warfare 2 update on Xbox One has prompted speculation throughout the entire Call of Duty community...

Mordhau Player Gets Shrekt

Chris PersonKotaku

Today on Highlight Reel we have Mordhau swamp defenders, zipline users, dangerous Red Dead horses and much more!

Weird, wonderful Eastern Europe roadtrip adventure Jalopy is free on the Humble Store

Matt Wales Reporter Matt Wales is a freelance writer and gambolling summer child who won't even pretend to live a busily impressive life of dynamic go-getting for the purposes of this bio. He is the sole and founding member of the Birdo for President...EuroGamer

Developer Minskworks' Jalopy is a weird, drab, dull, wonderful experience, and if you're in the mood for a bit of an Eastern European adventure in a clapped-out old banger, you'd do well to snap it up right now, while it's free on the Humble Store.It should be a simple enough task, really; transport...

Mutant Year Zero delayed on Switch, but here's the first look at the Seed of Evil expansion

Brett MakedonskiDestructoid

A bit of a

Battlefield 5’s “Pit Crew” Skins Now Only Obtainable By Microtransactions, Not In-game Currency

Landon WrightGamingBolt

Some people are upset about the move.

Aliens are invading Arma 3

Andy ChalkPC Gamer

Arma 3: Contact will be out on July 25.

Chex Quest 3 officially released free, and only 22 years late

Dominic TarasonRock Paper Shotgun

Chex Quest 3 is out now. Developed by one of the original 90s developers, General Mills cereal have officially branded it as Chex canon, and released it free.

Video Games Should Be Weirder

Joshua RiveraKotaku

I’ve been thinking a lot about yesterday’s surprise announcement of Playdate, the new handheld games experiment from Firewatch publisher Panic. More than anything, it’s weird: A small, single-purpose handheld with a set 12-week program of mystery games is the sort of thing that demands your attentio...

Mechanic Miner looks like Terraria plus DIY vehicular shenanigans

rkalista@gamingnexus.comGaming Nexus

Go to for news and reviews on video games, consoles, and PCs.

Slay the Spire Ascends To The Nintendo Switch This June

Richard CostaTech Raptor

According to an estimate release date shown in the Nintendo Switch Store, the Slay the Spire port to the handheld console will release on June 4.

GOG Announces Galaxy 2.0, A New Client For All Your Games

Frank StrevaNiche Gamer

GOG has announced GOG Galaxy 2.0, a massive overhaul to their current client. Galaxy 2.0 aims to be your new, one-stop PC gaming client. It will allow you to link any of your gaming profiles, even console ones, to create a unified library, friends list, stat spreadsheet, and social network. It will ...

Mech-kitty spectacular Gato Roboto launching next week

Chris MoyseDestructoid

Publisher Devolver Digital has announced that Doinksoft's Gato Roboto will be ready for action next week. The crazy-looking action platformer will arrive digitally on PC and Nintendo Switch May 30.Our feline friend will explore a subterrane...

Evolution 2: Utopia – Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Glen FoxGamezebo

Evolution 2: Utopia is a brand new third person shooter on mobile that features a ton of action-packed content as you battle aliens, mercenaries, and other players in various different modes. There’s a wealth of weapons and equipment to unlock and upgrade, technology to research, and planets to expl...

Dead Cells Passes 2 Million Copies Sold, Rise Of The Giant Expansion Now Available on PS4 and Switch

Landon WrightGamingBolt

The indie game has a lot of staying power.

Octopath Traveler PC Preorders Now Up, Denuvo Included

Ryan PearsonNiche Gamer

Square Enix has launched the pre-orders for the PC port of Octopath Traveler. The throwback RPG is now up for pre-order on Windows PC (via Steam), and the PC port launches June 7th. It’s worth pointing out the PC port includes Denuvo. For those unfamiliar Denuvo is a form of DRM (Digital Rights Mana...

Chex Quest 3 is now official General Mills canon

Tyler WildePC Gamer

Chex Quest 3 was a bit of fan service created by Charles Jacobi, an artist who worked on the original Chex Quest, which, for the unfamiliar, was a 90s promotional game packaged with General Mills' beige cereal. Using the ZDoom source port, Chex Quest 3 combines the levels from the first two games wi...

Intel's Core i5-9400F processor is just $150 right now

Corbin DavenportPC Gamer

In case you missed it, Intel dropped the suggested retail price of the Core i5-9400F to $182 a while back. If that wasn't a sweet enough deal for you, the CPU has dropped in price even further, to just $149.99.The 9400F has six cores (no Hyper-Threading), a boost clockspeed of up to 4.10 GHz and bas...

Anthem Player Count on Xbox One Now at Less Than 2,500, Drops From Top 49 List

Alex CoMP1ST

The Anthem player count on Xbox One has now dwindled that it's now not even part of the Xbox platform's top 49 most played games.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Expansion DLC and Switch Release Delayed One Month

Bryan LawverGamepur

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden had a Switch release and expansion DLC planned for release June 25. They've both been pushed back to July.

Evolution 2: Utopia Review – A Third Person Shooter That Works on Mobile?

Glen FoxGamezebo

Evolution 2: Utopia is the latest game to try and make the third person shooter work on mobile. It’s surprising this hasn’t been nailed yet, given how it’s much easier to create a control scheme for third person shooters on touch than it is for complex first person games. This attempts it by keeping...

Total War: Three Kingdoms breaks series record for most pre-ordered entry

Peter GlagowskiDestructoid

Total War: Three Kingdoms (aka Total War: Lu Bu) releases today and is already off to a great start. As noticed by Twitter's own Daniel Ahmad, Creative Assembly has announced that Three Kingdoms is the most pre-ordered title in the series'...

More Telltale Games Are Disappearing From Digital Storefronts

Ethan GachKotaku

Valve recently removed the option to buy the Telltale-developed series Tales From The Borderlands on Steam, and Good Old Games has announced it will no longer be selling any of Telltale’s games starting May 27. Nobody seems to know why.

Planet Coaster Ghostbusters DLC is Coming Soon To Spookify Your Theme Park

Robert N. AdamsTech Raptor

The Planet Coaster Ghostbusters DLC has been announced, bringing a little bit of spookiiness to your theme park in the near future.

Anti-loot box bill could radically change how video games are sold

Charlie HallPolygon

U.S. senators propose strict rules on pay-to-win microtransactions and loot boxes

Jalopy is free on Humble, but you may have to race for it

Dominic TarasonRock Paper Shotgun

Jalopy is the big giveaway of the day over on Humble. A roguelike-ish road trip with your weird uncle, driving an off-brand Trabant across eastern Europe.