Former Gaming Journalist Says PS5 is Very Powerful

Stacey PowersVGR

How powerful is PlayStation 5? According to a former journalist at IGN, the answer to that question is that the PS5 is “very powerful.”

Here’s a breakdown of the new demons in Doom Eternal

PC Gamer

Doom Eternal Game Director Hugo Martin has outlined a load of new and returning demons in a NoClip documentary, highlighting his new “chess pieces” with which to threaten the players. A lot of the new enemies look particularly devious, forcing players to adopt new playstyles to defeat them. Like the...

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Has Been Discussing E3 2020, Xbox Series X, and More With Japanese Studios

Shubhankar ParijatGamingBolt

"Always come away motivated by the amazing creative talent here in Japan," Spencer says.

Konami has two new Silent Hill games in the works

Emily GeraVG247

Two new Silent Hill games are reportedly in development from Konami.

Kobe Bryant Reportedly Dead in Helicopter Crash


Basketball player Kobe Bryant has reportedly died. He was 41.

DOOM Eternal Probably Won’t Support Ray Tracing At Launch

Shubhankar ParijatGamingBolt

But id Software has "some interesting ideas" for how to implement it after release.

Sony Is Working On A New Horror IP – Rumour

Shubhankar ParijatGamingBolt

Grain of salt and all that.

Square Enix Will Have $148 Final Fantasy VII Remake Tifa Jewelry Too

Jenni LadaSiliconera

There will be two Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tifa necklaces released, each one with a charm from the bracelets she wears in-game.

Lead mad sailors beyond the edge of the map in dice battler Here Be Dragons

PC Gamer

Here Be Dragons is a whimsical looking game, part tribute to weird drawings on map edges and part dice battling puzzler, that’s due to release in just a few days. In it, you follow the journey of a bunch of oddball ne’er-do-wells as they attempt to murder every monster in the ocean, or something lik...

Need for Speed Heat Wheel Support, Fixes Set for January Update

Alex CoMP1ST

Ghost Games announced that Need for Speed Heat wheel support will be one of the major inclusions in the game's January update!

Science Adventure Game Anonymous;Code Finally Coming Next Winter; New Trailer Released

Giuseppe NelvaTwinfinite

Do you remember Anonymous;Code? The science adventure game announced all the way back in 2015 seems to be on landing approach.

What Video Game Level Have You Played The Most?


A great level is like a warm bowl of mac and cheese. You can come back to it whenever you need to feel good and happy. Without thinking you can load it up and know you are going to be okay. So what level do you keep coming back to over the years?

Madden 20 Super Bowl Past: Limited Mel Renfro Now Available in Ultimate Team

Matt CoudenVGR

The Madden 20 Super Bowl Past promotion received a new player on January 26 as Dallas Cowboys star Mel Renfro gets an upgraded card for Ultimate Team.

Steins;Gate 0 Elite Announced Alongside Hollywood Live-Action TV Series and More

Giuseppe NelvaTwinfinite

Today Mages announced a few very interesting updates for Steins;Gate fans during a live event in Japan. This includes Steins;Gate 0 Elite and more.

Reggie Fils-Aime stopped Nintendo from re-doing its logo in a graffiti style to attract older players

Emily GeraVG247

Reggie Fils-Aime once prevented the company from "aging up" its official logo - including a plan to re-do the logo in a graffiti style.

Announcing and Introducing SP1st!

Alex CoMP1ST

Introducing SP1st! From the people behind MP1st, is a new single-player, narrative-driven focus website that focuses on real news, patch notes, and everything else in between.

DOOM Eternal’s Switch Version Is “Coming Along Really, Really Well”

Shubhankar ParijatGamingBolt

Director Marty Stratton calls port devs Panic Button "masters" of the Switch.

Ninja Theory Boss Says Project Dreadnought Might Redefine Entertainment

Alessio PalumboWccftech

Ninja Theory Founder and Chief Design Director Tameem Antoniades teased Project Dreadnought as something that might redefine entertainment.

A Chinese League Of Legends tournament has been put on hold over outbreak fears

Natalie ClaytonRock Paper Shotgun

With transport locked down nationwide and a crackdown of large gatherings well underway, it's not like the LPL organisers had much choice in the matter.

Rumoured New Silent Hill Projects Are Not “Gambling Games”

Shubhankar ParijatGamingBolt

Though the leaker doesn't know if they're still in development.

Most expensive EVE online ship sale ever to benefit Australian wildfire relief

PC Gamer

Clocking in at nearly $33,000 dollars worth of internet spaceship, a rare Gold Magnate has sold for 1,001,001 PLEX in EVE Online. Space and science YouTube star Scott Manley made the winning bid, winning an auction from ship owner Kelon Darklight—that’s an in-game name—to benefit Australian wildfire...

This Week’s Japanese Game Releases: IxSHE Tell, Rever dun Manege, more

Sal RomanoGematsu

Visual novels are the highlight of this week’s Japanese video game releases. Entergram is releasing two romance visual novels: Boku to Joi no Shinsatsu Nisshi for PlayStation 4 and Switch, and IxSHE Tell PlayStation 4, Switch, and PS Vita. Only the PlayStation versions of both titles are due out at ...

PlayStation 5 Mystery Bluepoint Games Title Aims to Define Next-Gen Visual Benchmark

Francesco De MeoWccftech

Bluepoint Games recently overhauled its official website, providing a new statement on the PlayStation 5 mystery game they are working on

Report: Konami has two new Silent Hill games in development

News by Vikki Blake, ContributorEuroGamer

Konami is reportedly reviving the Silent Hill series with not one but two new instalments.According to Twitterer Aesthetic Gamer - who has accurately shared Capcom leaks in the past - publisher Konami "reached out" to developers a couple of years ago, inviting pitch ideas to bring the series to life...

The Uncharted movie gets delayed again – this time until 2021

Emily GeraVG247

Sony Pictures is delaying the release of the live-action film until March 5, 2021 - pushing the cinematic release back three month.

Former Sony WWS Head Says Insomniac Acquisition Was One of His Greatest Achievements

Shubhankar ParijatGamingBolt

Former Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden thinks highly of the Spider-Man devs.

'Shop Contest: RIP Mr. Peanut (1916-2020)


We lost a good one. A few days ago Mr. Peanut, the famous mascot himself, was confirmed dead after sacrificing his life for two nobodies that honestly weren’t worth his death. Let us celebrate the life of Mr. Peanut in this dark time.

EA's reportedly working on a Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic reboot

News by Vikki Blake, ContributorEuroGamer

Electronic Arts' fan-favourite Star Wars RPG series, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, is reportedly getting a reboot.According to a new report from Cinelix (thanks, GamesRadar+), two individual sources familiar with Disney's plans have each confirmed a KOTOR game is in the works, but there's ...

Bluepoint Games’ PS5 Title Will “Define the Visual Benchmark for Next-Gen”

Shubhankar ParijatGamingBolt

The developer is talking up its upcoming remake.

China’s League of Legends Pro League delayed indefinitely due to coronavirus outbreak

Emily GeraVG247

China's League of Legends Pro League competition has been delayed indefinitely following the recent coronavirus outbreak.

Cyberpunk 2077 – CDPR Enlists QLOC for Development and QA Support

Shubhankar ParijatGamingBolt

Polish port specialists QLOC will be aiding CD Projekt RED with the upcoming RPG's development.

DOOM Eternal’s Difficulty Ensures It Feels “Exciting, Exhilarating, But Not Frustrating”

Shubhankar ParijatGamingBolt

"By the eighth hour, you are going to be a black belt," says creative director Hugo Martin.

Soulcalibur’s samurai gets a showdown with Haohmaru

Owen S. GoodPolygon

Haohmaru, the protagonist of the 27-year-old Samurai Shodown franchise from SNK, will join the lineup of Soulcalibur 6 with its Season 2 pass of downloadable content sometime this spring. A video released at Evo Japan 2020 shows him battling it out with Soulcalibur’s hero, Mitsurugi.

id Software Aiming for DOOM Eternal Next Gen to Be the One of the Best Looking Games at Launch

James LaraMP1ST

id Software says they are in an awesome position for DOOM Eternal next gen support, wants it to be one of the best looking title at launch.

Black Mesa's final 1.0 release is almost ready for public scrutiny

Natalie ClaytonRock Paper Shotgun

Here's a fun fact: Black Mesa has now been "out" for about as long as it was in development prior to that first release. Bloody hell. Time, eh?

Prison Princess second trailer

Sal RomanoGematsu

Qureate has released the second trailer for Prison Princess, its “princess escape adventure” game due out for Switch via the Nintendo eShop worldwide on January 30. Here is an overview of the game, via A ghostly sliver of your former self, can you rescue the princesses? Lead two captur...

Sunday's Best Deals: Flint & Tinder Jackets, House Plants, Greenworks Snow Throwers, and More


A Costa Farms House Plants Gold Box, Flint and Tinder jackets, and a Greenworks Snow Thrower Gold Box lead off Sunday’s best deals from around the web.

12 Best and Cheapest PS4 Accessories You Should Check Out

Cultured VulturesCultured Vultures

Enhance your black box with some of the best PS4 accessories, which, handily enough, are also some of the console's cheapest.

First Look at Alleged Modern Warfare Battle Royale Loading Screen

Matt CottonGamingIntel

It seems as though we now have received a first look at the Modern Warfare Battle Royale loading screen, if a new post is anything to go by.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Continues To Dominate Famitsu Most Wanted Charts

Shubhankar ParijatGamingBolt

Maintaining a healthy, healthy lead.

Type-Moon Studio BB title(s) to be announced this summer, planned for PS4, Switch, and PC

Sal RomanoGematsu recently published an interview with Type-Moon Studio BB head Kazuya Niinou, who shares a bit more information about the August 2019-established developer’s upcoming slate of games. Back in December 2019, Niinou teased three titles in the pipeline: “a game related to an existing Type-Moon...

Steins;Gate Hollywood TV drama series announced

Sal RomanoGematsu

A Steins;Gate Hollywood TV drama series by Skydance Television is in the works, Mages. announced. Further information will be announced at a later date.

Steins;Gate 0 Elite announced for PS4, Switch, PS Vita, and iOS

Sal RomanoGematsu

Mages. has announced Steins;Gate 0 Elite for PlayStation 4, Switch, PS Vita, and iOS. Steins;Gate 0 Elite, like Steins;Gate Elite with Steins;Gate before it, is a “full animated adventure” version of the visual novel Steins;Gate 0. Further information was not announced.

Anonymous;Code launches next winter in Japan, new trailer

Sal RomanoGematsu

Mages has released a the “Steins;Gate 1010th Anniversary Special Report Trailer” for Anonymous;Code, its long in-development Science Adventure series visual novel, confirming it will launch in Japan “next winter.” The official website, which has been updated with the trailer and “next winter” releas...

Mountain Dew Zero Sugar Isn't Great (But It's Better Than Diet Dew)


I’ll admit I was excited about Moutain Dew Zero Sugar, which for the rest of this post I will be referring to as just Zero. I was excited because I really don’t drink soda anymore, outside of reviews, mainly because I’ve been trying to cut my sugar intake down in recent years. So a new version of De...

Live: Watch Media Molecule's Inaugural Dreams Impy Awards Right Here

Push SquarePushSquare

For the dreamers

Google nab the right to stream Activision esports exclusively on YouTube

Natalie ClaytonRock Paper Shotgun

ActiBlizzion send Twitch packing, signing a new streaming exclusivity deal with Google moments before the start of the Call Of Duty League

Butter Royale Guide: Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Glen FoxGamezebo

Apple Arcade has just served up its own battle royale competitor and it’s one big food fight – literally. Butter Royale sees you and a bunch of other opponents duke it out in real time to see who can be the last person standing. It’s a pretty standard battle royale experience in that you run […]